How to Shuffle Part 1: THE RULES OF THE GAME

We are getting so excited for our upcoming charity performance, Fewer Dahlias: Shuffle for Women! Tickets are already selling like hot cakes, which means audience members are getting ready to SHUFFLE!

If you've never been to a SHUFFLE concert before, BEAR with me while I explain the rules!

Step 1: Buy admission to the concert. This comes with 10 Raffle tickets! Step 2: Buy extra raffle tickets. It's just math. Step 3: Donate some items for CAWC to get even MORE raffle tickets!! MATH!! Step 4: Wait anxiously while we pull a ticket from our great big raffle collection pot. Or bag. Or box. We haven't really thought that part through... Step 5: If we call your number, stand up and jump around in excitement! Then calm down, you have a JOB TO DO! Step 6: Pick the piece from a PLAYLIST you will have in your paw. Step 7: URSA performs just for you! And also everyone else. So not really just for you at all.

It's pretty easy! You'll love it! See you there!!

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