What is
a CIC?


Collaborations in Concert (CICs) are our way of immersing you in the music we love.


A guest artist from another medium will walk you through creating your own work of art, inspired by our performance. (But don't worry if you're not feeling particularly creative, feel free to just sit back and listen!) 

Past collaborations have included painters, writers, an animator, and a poet.



Still not sure how it works? Here's a run-down:

The guest artist teaches a short how-to.


You'll learn some quick basics of the art form, and how you can use it to connect to the music.

We perform. You create.


While the Ursas play music, you use the tools you've just learned to make something unique and personal.


Not feeling it? No worries - you're welcome to

just sit back and enjoy the show!

Click that image right over there <-----

To see some past creations!